Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bigger and Better KICK for the English Premier League

Kick2010 is back with more surprises and more exciting challenges as the English Premier League kicks off!

As we have seen the World Cup come and go, we felt the excitement, intensity, and the thrill of the tournament with Kick2010. Through all the heartbreaking losses and the exhilarating triumphs, Kick2010 brought us closer to this event. But now that the World cup is over, join Kick2010 as it takes you in on the action of the English Premier League!

The site will continue to bring you lots of fun and excitement with its famous Ball Champ Game. Keep on kicking the ball and collect points everyday to make your way up to the Leader Board race.

Furthermore, you can collect additional points through Kick2010's improved betting services! With the top matches available on Kick2010.com, just pick the match and the odds you want to bet on and place the amount of points that you want to wager. Win on the bets you have placed to earn even more points! This way, you can take over the other players and make it as number one in the Leader Board!

But that doesn't end there, Kick2010 will also take you through the top European Football Leagues this season: The Italian Serie A, the Spanish Primera Liga, the German Bundes Liga, and the French Ligue 1! With these top leagues running until May 11, 2010, Kick2010 will be giving its players even more chances to win more prizes! Every month, all the players' scores will be reset and different prizes will given away to the top 10 winners. Meaning, there are chances for ALL players to win!

So for all you football fans out there, check out Kick2010.com, play the game and get closer to you favorite matches!

Kick2010 is an experience you surely don't want to miss!